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Sunday Morning Bible Study Groups (Sunday School Classes)

We're big on small groups! - First Baptist Church of Mauldin can be a pretty big place and small groups are the best place to build relationships. Plus, in small groups you will learn more about the Bible and be able to help care for each other's needs. Part of our vision is to see everyone involved in a healthy small group. These groups are always open and gather by what stage you feel comfortable connecting with peers. The format is typically a Teacher and Classroom setting with some group Outreach, Fellowship and Missions activities. Groups are available as follows:

  • Young Adults
  • Married with Children
  • Empty Nesters
  • Nearly/Newly Retired
  • Senior Adults

Other Adult Group Activities...

Celebration Choir

Worship leadership is about more than singing; it is about loving God unashamed in front of others. Lead our church at 10:45 each week in lifting up God through music. Directed by Pruette Plemens in the choir room.

Choir rehearsal is normally Sunday afternoons from 5 to 6 pm.

Exaltation Choir

People of all ages are welcome to lift up their voices in praising God through music leadership in our 8:15 service each week. Directed by Matt Limbaugh.

Come sing with us on Monday mornings from 10 to noon.

Prayer Meeting & The STORY Training

The STORY reveals the narrative portions of the NIV text, making the Bible's stories, poems, and teachings come together in 31 accessible chapters that read like a novel. 

Not only will people be able to learn the stories in a Life Stage Sunday School class, our pastor, Wade Leonard, will be preaching from the same story being studied each week. 

On Wednesday nights he is giving a preview of the coming Sunday, helping teachers and others prepare for Sunday.  When you come to know the story of the scripture more clearly, you'll be prodded to explore the scriptures even more deeply. 

Led by Wade Leonard in the Fellowship Hall.

PowerTraks (Wednesday evenings)

These small groups commit to 4 to12 week semesters to develop discipleship in a particular area of need. They are open at the beginning of each semester. The format is typically facilitated by a Leader and Topical Discussion in focus.

  • Marriage Enrichment
  • Parenting
  • Bible Book studies
  • Ladies' ministry
  • Men's ministry

LIFE Groups

A disciple is a person who has made a decision to follow Jesus Christ and is in the process of learning to apply the truths that Jesus taught while experiencing an ever-deepening commitment to a Christ-like lifestyle. As we constantly strive to grow our relationship with God and our conformity to His image, His Spirit lives more fully in and through us.

A LIFE Group is a small group of disciples that meets to develop dedicated believers into mature leaders.

We believe that the path of discipleship is a lifelong spiritual journey beginning at the point of salvation and culminating with personal conformity to the image of Christ. This journey can be divided into four distinct stages of growth and development:

  • New Christian: Learning Basic Christian Truths
  • Developing Christian: Internal Character Development
  • Growing Christian: Serving Others in Ministry & Missions
  • Maturing Christian: Equipping Others to Lead

You will note that we have chosen to illustrate the four stages using the development of a fruit tree from seedling to bearing fruit. There is one fact basis to both Christian disciples and fruit trees - each is either growing or dying. There is no in-between.

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