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"The Story"


Everyone from preschoolers to senior adults enjoys hearing a good story. "The Story" provides material for every age and generation to learn the same content each week in a manner that is age appropriate and that encourages discussions in families and with others.


The Story is a condensed chronological Bible that presents God’s redemptive plan for His people from Genesis to Revelation in the words of the original authors. We will cover The Story from September to May in Bible studies and worship services. Plus all generations from preschool to senior adults will be covering the same story each week in a format that is relevant and engaging for them.


Get More Information on The Story from Zondervan Publishers.


Ever wonder how the Bible fits together, what it means or how we are to relate to the people that lived so long ago? The Story is helping people everywhere experience Scripture like never before. Carefully selected verses from the Bible are organized to tell God’s Story and humanity’s story. One of the best ways to know how your life intersects with God’s is by being a part of a small group Bible study. This is discipleship when your life is transformed by God’s word.


Everyone in our congregation and even visitors will be offered an age appropriate version of "The Story". This resource will serve as the curriculum for our Sunday morning Bible studies, as well as the basis for the worship themes and sermons September to May. Books will be available to be picked up from the church’s Welcome Center starting August 11th. Books will be free to participants and visitors, but will not be available for extended families and to offer as gifts to others. However, people are welcome to give financial donations that will be used to purchase additional books for new visitors.


Starting Sunday, September 8th we will present "The Story - The Musical" during the worship time and then on September the 15th 2013, we will begin with The Creation in both Sunday morning Bible studies and worship times. The Story will last for a total of 36 weeks including a 5 week special series during the Christmas season and will conclude on May 18th 2013.


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